Maison d’Artiste

A reconstruction of the model of the built design at a specific ratio by means of most advanced methods and techniques has now become a possibility. This book presents various recommendations on how to accomplish this. To reconstruct the model based on the results of the research seems obvious to me. This is also true for the possibility to generate a 3D virtual reality tour through the house based on all the newly found facts. Since building the house on a scale of 1:1 according to the now reconstructed design would require too many adjustments to make it usable, it is recommended to realise a building on a scale of 1:5 or possibly even a little smaller. To me this is a sensible suggestion because it would allow a better experience of the original vision (or at least the vision of the moment of the design phase) including its shortcomings. The argument that this would affect the original vision or the mysterious aspect is nonsense. New attempts in different materialisation provide fodder for new interpretations; such as technological research in the paint and the techniques that Vincent van Gogh used can provide more insight without diminishing the quality of his work. I welcome each new layer that can be added to the life of an iconic piece of art, not least because it will expand its societal and cultural value.

Evert van Straaten  Former director Kröller-Müller Museum