A Quest from Zappi to Blobs in Architecture

The introduction of the word ‘Zappi’ resulted in a steppingstone to enable the architectural society to break through the borders of thinking in architectural materialization. It represents the same kind of desire as being able to walk a high wire between the former WTC towers in New York. Jean Petit, a French high wire walker, did exactly that by (illegally) tightening a rope at 400 m height between the Twin Towers. He walked in 1978 almost during an hour between both towers. On ground level people were watching this unrealistic but graceful spectacle in utter amazement. The mental state of mr. Petit during his walk must have been the same as designing with ‘Zappi’.

What is ‘Zappi’? Nothing more than a designing passion. A desire to conceive known or unknown materials and constructions which in architectural respect are answers on impossible demands.

Thijs Asselbergs