Concept for Energy Positive Apartements

The building industry in general and the housing industry in Western Europe in particular are facing a turning-point. At first glance, this turning-point does not seem too remarkable; definitely not from a safe vantage point of 500 kilometres away. The announcement that, as of 1 January 2013, gas boilers may no longer be sold in Denmark is of great importance for the building industry and installations technology. It heralds a new era of thinking about the different forms of energy, and thus exergy as well. The background behind this radical decision is to avoid burning a resource as valuable as natural gas at 1200º Celsius to achieve temperatures of 20º Celsius in our homes. In Denmark, process heat for low caloric heating is seen as an unwise and unnecessary exploitation. The functional lifespan of a gas boiler is approximately 12 years, thus it will take ten years before the gas flame goes out in Danish houses, and the transition to district heating and sustainable energy will be carried out on a large scale.

Jón Kristinsson

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